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Exploring the world can be an incredible experience for people of all ages. While staying in hotels and eating at restaurants everyday can be too expensive for some, there’s an alternative that works for everyone. The following guide explores some of the many reasons you should backpack through Europe.

Europe is a wonderful country for those who have limited experience traveling. Since Europe has the same standard of living as the United States, you can rest assured knowing that you’ll be able to stay safe and healthy wherever you go in Europe.

Backpacking can be very affordable too. Excluding the cost of a plane ticket, many backpackers are able to enjoy their overseas trip for as little as $30 a day, which is an acceptable budget for many people.

Most backpackers stay in hostels when traveling through Europe. The average bed in a hostel runs around $20 per night, and many include a simple breakfast in the morning. This can be a great way to keep costs as low as possible.

Backpacking costs can also be kept low by purchasing a rail pass. A rail pass provides unlimited trips by train for a select number of days, ranging from a single day to a month. A rail pass allows you to easily see all of Europe for a low cost. In addition, it’s often possible to schedule overnight train trips to your next destination. By scheduling an overnight train trip, you can avoid having to pay for lodging for that night. Instead, you can sleep on one of a train’s sleeper cars. Sleeper cars often include access to a communal shower so you can freshen up in the morning.

Most important of all, backpacking is a great way to make new friends. When you go backpacking, you’re not isolating yourself in a hotel or resort. Instead, when you stay in a hostel, you’re surrounded by people with similar interests. This can be a great way to make companions that may last a lifetime. In addition to friendship, hostels can be a great way to learn about restaurants, nightlife, and other attractions that you might find enjoyable while on your trip. In addition, many hostels feature kitchens that make it easy to prepare food that you have purchased.

Backpacking is an incredible experience. It’s a wonderful opportunity to explore Europe at a reasonable cost. While you’re exploring, you may make some new friends too.