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People’s schema of volunteering is unpaid work that is done purely out of altruism. While most volunteers do not receive monetary payment for their time and effort, there are other ways that they can get paid for their work. While the emotional gratification is one form of payment, career advancement is another form of payment, which may bring a larger monetary payment in the future.

How Volunteering Can Boost People’s Careers:

Development of New People Skills
Volunteering fosters the development of and/or refines people skills. Most volunteer opportunities involve working with others and collaborating ideas, which teaches people empathy, communication, and teamwork. Regardless of how skilled or intelligent people are, if they do not have people skills, their chances of success in their career and life are low.

Assists in Making Connections
These days, getting jobs are about who people know, not what people know. Volunteering provides people the opportunity to meet new people. Since volunteers are meeting people while utilizing their skills, they are likely to find people who are willingly to be references for jobs.

Makes Resume Look More Appealing
Volunteering makes resumes look more appealing because it shows that the prospective employees are making productive use of their time and are constantly making an effort to refine their people and practical skills. Having volunteer experience is beneficial for people who have gaps in their work history due to being stay-at-home parents, unable to find a job for long periods of time, taking care of a relative, etc. because it shows that they have been using their time out of the workforce to serve a purpose and maintain their skills. One study showed that people who include volunteer experience on their resume are 27 percent more likely to get a job.

Stronger LinkedIn Profile
LinkedIn is a social media site that people use for professional purposes (e.g. finding a job, recruiting new employees, making connections, displaying accomplishments, etc.). Having volunteer experience listed with or without paid work experience makes a stronger LinkedIn profile. When hiring managers and/or prospective references are looking through a LinkedIn profile, they often perceive volunteer experience as just as important as paid work experience.

Increases Self-Confidence
Volunteering is work that is done to benefit for the greater good. When people are serving a purpose that benefits the greater good, they tend to feel empowered. Being an instrument in the success of a goal or cause to help the less fortunate often makes people perceive themselves as better people. When people put out positive vibes about themselves in the world, they tend to get them back from the world. Volunteering keeps people motivated and goal-oriented, which is essential for the workplace.

Reintroduction to the Workplace
For those who have been out of work for long periods of time, volunteering is a great way for them to ease themselves back into the workplace. Volunteer work requires the same focus and dedication as paid work, but often does not come with the structure of paid work.