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With more than 18,000 agents, State Farm is one of the country’s largest providers of insurance and financial services. In fact, the Illinois-based company was recently ranked #33 on Fortune 500. In addition to their customer-friendly service, however, there’s a good reason for State Farm’s unparalleled success: volunteerism.

State Farm Employees Volunteer
State Farm has always been driven by strong values, including a focus on the community and giving back. The company even encourages its employees to volunteer their time and labor for education causes. According to State Farm’s own website, employees clocked more than a half-million hours helping their respective local communities. Because of this, State Farm has won the Corporate Social Responsibility Leadership Award for the past two years.

Neighborhood of Good
Statistics show that only one in four people volunteer. To encourage higher rates of volunteerism among the general public, State Farm launched an online portal where users can find volunteer opportunities in their local community. Known as the Neighborhood of Good program, it allows users to search for specific types of volunteer work, including education, arts, animals, environment, hunger, immigrant and more.

Strategic Partnerships
State Farm has also formed strategic partnerships with several leading nonprofit organizations (NPOs). This includes Red Cross, Habitat for Humanity and Employees who volunteer at least 40 hours at an eligible NPO are awarded with a $500 charitable grant. Furthermore, State Farm will match charitable donations made by its employees via its Matching Gift Program.

Blood Drives
Statistics show that blood transfusions save roughly 4.5 million lives in the United States each year, attesting to the need for blood donations. State Farm acknowledges the importance of blood donations, however. Every year, the company hosts on-site blood drives where employees and the public alike can donate blood.

Disaster Preparedness and Recovery
Finally, State Farm offers resources on disaster preparedness and recovery. Here, the company offers tips to better prepare for disasters and how to recover from them. State Farm has more than 1,700 specialists dedicated to disaster-related claims, all of whom are eager to help customers get back on their feet.

It’s not State Farm’s exceptional services that makes the company stand out from its competitors; it’s volunteerism and philanthropy. As revealed here, State Farm has built a culture around giving back to the community.