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Arielle Raycene


From the time that she was a child, Arielle Raycene learned the importance of giving back to the community. Her mother volunteered at a local food bank, and Arielle often tagged along to help out.

Throughout her adult life, Arielle has always made time to give back to others—whether through donations or volunteering. While she believes that helping out others in any way possible is important, she is especially concerned about helping children and animals.

After graduating from college, Arielle Raycene traveled to Europe for six months. The experience taught her how large the world is, and it helped her gain a new appreciation for different cultures. For three months, Arielle worked as an English teacher in Barcelona, Spain. During her free time, she volunteered at a local orphanage. Upon returning home, Arielle committed herself to helping out the local community as much as possible. This included volunteering at local food banks and teaching adult students to read.

Arielle Raycene loves animals, so she enjoys helping out at local animal shelters when she gets the chance. She and her husband adopted two rescue dogs named Frank and Sally. Over the years she has also fostered kittens and adult cats. Her favorite part about volunteering with animals is getting to play with them and help train them. The most difficult part about volunteering with animals, though, is not bringing them all home.

Throughout her career, Arielle has been fortunate to find success. Arielle is grateful for her success, and she believes she must share her good fortune with others who are less fortunate. Due to her busy career, it is not always possible to make time to volunteer, yet Arielle still strives volunteer at least every other month. She and her husband also support many organizations through monthly donations. Over the years they have donated money to the Red Cross, the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, and various local charities including Children’s Aid and Foster Pride.

Professional Overview

Over the past thirty years, Arielle Raycene has worked as a financial advisor in New York City. She graduated from Columbia University in 1982 where she majored in Financial Economics. In 2005 Arielle returned to Columbia when she enrolled in Columbia Business School’s Executive MBA program. Each one of Arielle’s classmates was a fascinating individual with a unique perspective on business. She learned just as much from her classmates as she did from her professors. The entire experience taught Arielle how to excel in business—knowledge which has helped her better serve her clients.

In 2000 Arielle Raycene founded the Raycene Group, a boutique financial planning firm located in Manhattan. After working for large organizations for almost two decades, Arielle decided she wanted to explore being her own boss. Running her firm gives her the freedom to work with clients on her own terms and develop personalized strategies for their financial success. Throughout her career, Arielle has written extensively about the importance of retirement planning. While each client she works with has different goals, Arielle makes sure that every client understands the importance of planning for retirement—regardless of one’s age.